David Pegg, Lumbacurve

Dave Pegg

David Pegg decided to take the plunge into setting up LumbaCurve as a full time venture as he was made redundant from his employment, deciding to use this funding as a springboard.

LumbaCurve is a means of providing pain relief to sufferers of occupationally or recreationally induced low back pain. It’s easy to use, is non-invasive, drug free and suitable for most adults. It’s been clinically trialled and in some cases been proven to be up to 6 times more affective in reducing back pain than standard NHS treatment guidelines against which it was directly compared.

“My local library no longer carries much commercial information but I knew that the Business & IP Centre would have a wealth of information”

“There were several things I needed help on. The first was looking for reference material on local and regional companies. I was keen to access commercial databases but didn’t know how to go about this”

Social Media & Marketing:
“Access to up to date social and digital marketing books was very useful more so than trying to browse the local bookstore”.
“Some of the marketing strategies ie Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are now being used to build on our BBC exposure”

“I wanted to get pointers and basic help on Intellectual property issues such as patents, design registrations, and trademarking. “IP workshops were great in terms of accessing basic advice from experts on patent, design and trademarking and gave me very useful advice for LumbaCurve some of which have already been taken up. I gained a clearer insight in to what I needed to do on the IP issues of the business immediately and how future design IP could be structured”

Our priority right now is to focus on building on the public or market awareness of LumbaCurve that was generated overnight with LumbaCurve being featured on the new BBC TV programme “The Customer is Always Right”! It gave the product amazing instant exposure which took me completely by surprise and demonstrated the sheer power of media exposure. The downside was being caught on the hop with insufficient stock and trying to manage customer expectations whilst expediting the manufacture of LumbaCurve to cope. A nice problem to have I suppose but quite challenging!”

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