Latest Reports: May 2023

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This list covers some of the new reports published in May at the BIPC Manchester.
Information correct as of 09/06/23. Additional reports may be available.

All databases listed are available at the BIPC Manchester in Central Library.
Details of other locations for some databases can be found HERE.
Details for COBRA can be found HERE.


BOP072 Dance Teacher May 2023
BOP040 Tourist Guide May 2023
BOP069 General Builder May 2023
BOP279 Chocolatier May 2023
BOP028 Furniture Restorer May 2023
BOP019 Contract Cleaner May 2023
BOP232 Crèche (England) May 2023
BOP226 Temping Agency May 2023
BOP307 Plasterer May 2023
BOP383 Performing Arts Organisation May 2023
BOP007 Children’s Soft Play Centre Apr 2023
BOP025 T-shirt Printer Apr 2023
BOP141 Artisan Biscuit Maker Apr 2023
BIF 508 Trading Via Amazon May 2023
BIF285 Starting a Business While Under 18 May 2023
BIF029 ISO 9000 Qual. Management Standards May
BIF110 Choosing and Using a Patent Attorney May 23
BIF534 A Guide to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations 2015 May 2023
BIF422 Credit Control May 2023
BIF135 Writing Effective Sales Letters May 2023
BIF184 Incoterms 2020 May 2023
BIF259 Employing Young People Under 18 May 2023
BIF120 Buying a Business May 2023


Family Planning & Pregnancy – UK 2023
Smartphones – UK 2023
Technology and Sport – UK 2023
Package vs Independent Holidays – UK 2023
Men’s Haircare & Skincare – UK 2023
Holidays to Spain – UK 2023
Womenswear – UK 2023
Leisure Outlook – UK 2023
Major Sporting Events – UK 2023
Women’s Haircare – UK 2023
Consumers & the Economic Outlook Q1 – UK 2023


Desktop PC Market in UK May 2023
Smart Meters in GB May 2023
Video Gaming in UK May 2023
Digital Marketing in UK May 2023
Sustainable e-commerce in UK May 2023
Online Deliveries & Returns in UK May 2023
TV Advertising in UK May 2023
Art Market in UK May 2023
Construction Industry in UK May 2023
Fitness Industry in UK May 2023
Residential Rental Market in UK May 2023
Pharmacy Landscape in UK May 2023
Footwear Report 2023 

& many more market, consumer and brand, digital trends, company & product reports from 100s of countries globally

Grantfinder: New Funds

Recently announced new funding streams. Details can be obtained from the Grantfinder database available at any of the BIPC GM locations. Updated daily

IT Service & Support SDI Awards
Awards carrying cash prizes to showcase those working
in the IT service and support industry in the UK, recognising, the excellence, professionalism and
innovation in the industry

NatWest – Everywoman Awards
Awards that aim to recognise UK women business owners of all ages for their significant success and achievement in business. The awards also aim to reward
women who have overcome adversities such as financial constraints, social disadvantages or skills gaps

12/06/23 DepicT!
16/06/23 Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards
23/06/23 F100 Growth Fund
23/06/23 Youth Music Trailblazer Fund
26/06/23 IUK Design Foundations CompetitionRound 2 Mobility Pathfinder Innovation Programme
29/06/23 The Health Foundation Tech for Better Care
03/07/23 Michael O’Pray Prize

IBIS World:

over 400 industries covered, recently updated reports include

Window Cleaning Services in the UK
Oil & Fat Production in the UK
Household Textile & Soft Furnishing Manufacturing UK
Temporary-Employment Placement Agencies in the UK
Kitchen Furniture Manufacturing in the UK
Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Installation UK
Plastering in the UK
Joinery Installation in the UK
Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling in the UK
Motorcycle Sales & Repairs in the UK
Hardware & Home Improvement Stores in the UK
Carpet, Rug & Curtain Retailers in the UK
Landscaping Services in the UK
Catering Services in the UK
Computer Consultants in the UK
Property Management Services in the UK
Management Consultants in the UK
Packaging Services in the UK

Frost & Sullivan:

Chemicals Materials & Nutrition
Materials for Modular Construction Growth Opportunities –
May 23
Global Botanical Ingredients Growth Opportunities – May 23
Growth Opportunities Defining the Future of Skincare
Technologies – May 23 

Automotive & Transportation
Global Light, Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle
Outlook – May 23
Frost Radar™: Telematics in Vehicle Leasing & Rental
Markets in the Americas – May 23  

Global Continuous Glucose Monitoring Solutions Market,
2027 Forecast – May 23
Growth Opportunities in Nootropics, Cognitive
Enhancement, Brain Booster, Memory Improvement, and
Mitochondrial Therapy – May 23

Growth Opportunities in Satellite Communication, Internetof-things, Generative AI, Data Visualization, Cloud Solutions,
Metaverse – May 23
Global Social Media Analytics Growth Opportunities- May23
Securing the Virtual World – May 23 

Electronics & Security:
Emerging Opportunities for Robotics in Military and Defense
Applications – May 23
Growth Opportunities in 5G Chip, Quantum Computing,
Memory, Wireless Charging and Edge AI – May 23
Growth Opportunities in Laser Communication, Displays,
Silicon Photonics and Power Electronics – May 23

EMIS: Industry, country, company reports & news globally

Organic Personal Care Market – India May 23
Online Grocery Market in India – May 23
E-commerce Market in India – May 2023
Consumer Goods and Retail Report India – 2nd Qtr 2023
Malaysia: Automotive – May 23
South Africa – Food & Beverages – May 23
South Africa – Retail Trade Sales March 2023 – May 23
Brazil Industry Report – Retail March 2023 – May 23
Global Branded Residences – May 23
Kuwait Real Estate – May 23
Brazil Industry Report – Mining & Steel March 2023 – May 23
Argentina Sector Overview – Supermarkets and Shopping Malls March 2022 – May 23
Healthcare Report Argentina April 2023 – May 23
South America Lubricants Market Size and Share Analysis – Consumer Goods and Retail Report
Indonesia 2nd Quarter 2023 – May 23
Consumer Goods and Retail Report Mexico April 2023 – May 23
Consumer Goods and Retail Report Malaysia April 2023 –
May 23
Consumer Goods and Retail Report Malaysia April 2023 – May 23
Consumer Goods and Retail Report Brazil 2nd Quarter 2023 – May 23
Foodtech Market in India 2023 Part-I – May 23
Foodtech Market in India 2023 Part-II – May 23
B2B e-Commerce Market in India 2023 Part-I – May 23
B2B e-Commerce Market in India 2023 Part-II – May 23
Global Next-Generation Printing Ink Market Research
South Korea – Cosmetics Industry Update – May 23
India: Sector Update – Automobile – May 23
US Craft Beer Market – Focused Insights 2023-2028 
& many more

Please Note: Many more new reports are available on: Passport; Emarketer; EMIS; IBIS World & more

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