Latest Reports: April 2023

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This list covers some of the new reports published in April at the BIPC Manchester.
Information correct as of 11/05/23. Additional reports may be available.

All databases listed are available at the BIPC Manchester in Central Library.
Details of other locations for some databases can be found HERE.
Details for COBRA can be found HERE.


BOP494 Car Valeter Apr 2023
BOP382 Dog Home Boarding Apr 2023
BOP324 Children’s Entertainer Apr 2023
BOP375 Entertainment Agency Apr 2023
BOP515 Commercial Property Agent Apr 2023
BOP148 Upholsterer Apr 2023
BOP025 T-Shirt Printer Apr 2023
BOP007 Children’s Soft Play Centre Apr 2023
BOP303 Performing Arts Organisation Apr 2023
BOP307 Plasterer Apr 2023
BOP141 Artisan Biscuit Maker Apr 2023
BOP444 Wedding Planner Mar 2023
BOP076 Domestic Cleaner Mar 2023
BIF496 Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)
BIF525 Employee Share Schemes Apr 2023
BIF500 Business Rates Relief Schemes in England
BIF239 National Insurance for the Self-Employed
BIF061 Business Rates Apr 2023
BIF111 Legal Compliance in the Childcare Sector
BIF444 Legal Compliance in the Complementary Therapy Sector Apr 2023
BIF150 Selling or Closing Your Business
BIF132 Monitoring Your Competitors
BIF363 Setting up in Business as a Sole Trader Mar 2023
BIF432 Hiring a Freelancer Mar 2023


Camping & Caravanning – UK 2023
Exercise Trends – UK 2023
Technology Trends – Spring UK 2023
Diversity in Beauty & Personal Care – UK 2023
Sustainability in Travel – UK 2023
Cruises – UK 2023
Baby Food & Drink – UK 2023
Researching & Buying Technology Products – UK 2023


Digital Retail Media Advertising UK Apr 2023
Marketing in the UK Apr 2023
Transportation Emissions UK Apr 2023
Digital Music in the UK Apr 2023
Artificial Intelligence: in depth market analysis Apr 23
Economy of the UK Apr 2023
Industry 4.0: in depth market analysis Apr 2023
Football in Wales Apr 2023
Bicycle Industry in UK Mar 2023
UK GDP Mar 2023
Food Industry in UK 2023
Gen Z and Millenials: the generational gap in sustainable consumption
& many more market, consumer and brand, digital trends, company & product reports from 100s of countries globally

Grantfinder: New Funds

Recently announced new funding streams. Details can be obtained from the Grantfinder database available at any of the BIPC GM locations. Updated daily

Developing Your Creative Practice
A development fund designed to support independent creative practitioners and ensure excellence is thriving in England’s arts and culture sector.
PRS Foundation – Hitmaker Fund
Grants are available for UK songwriters and producers working in popular music genres to further develop their careers and writing or production skills.
The funding is intended to support the creation of new music by investing in talented writers and producers to
help them build their careers at crucial stages.

04/05/23 Road Safety Trust
09/05/23 Shackleton Foundation Leadership Awards
10/05/23 Future Economy Investor Partnerships SME Competition – Round 1
12/05/23 10,000 Small Businesses UK
15/05/23 Mobility Pathfinder Innovation Programme
16/05/23 The Hopper Prize
19/05/23 Heat Network Efficiency Scheme
22/05/23 PRS Foundation PPL Momentum Music Fund

IBIS World:

over 400 industries covered, recently updated reports include

Durable Baby Goods Retailing in the UK
Poultry Meat Processing in the UK
Milk & Cream Production in the UK
Beer Production in the UK
Textile Weaving & Finishing in the UK
Printing in the UK
Online Men’s Clothing Retailers in the UK
Mobile Game Development in the UK
Cosmetics & Toiletries Retailers in the UK
Second-Hand Goods Stores in the UK
Hotels in the UK
Takeaway & Fast-Food Restaurants in the UK
Software Publishing in the UK
Accounting & Auditing in the UK
Specialised Design Activities in the UK
General Building Cleaning

Frost & Sullivan:

Chemicals Materials & Nutrition
Growth Opportunities in Bio-based Coatings, Anti-corrosion
and Antimicrobial Coatings for Packaging and Industrial Applications – Apr 23
Growth Opportunities for Bio-based Materials and Adhesives for Industrial and Building and Construction Applications – Apr 23
Automotive & Transportation
Frost Radar™: Telematics in Vehicle Leasing & Rental Markets in the Americas – Apr 23
Global Connected Vehicle Outlook 2023 – Apr 23
Global Medical Imaging Equipment and Informatics Market
Outlook 2023 – Apr 23
Self-Care: Enabling Technologies and Growth Opportunities
Global Digital Health Outlook 2023
How Generative AI is Transforming Digital Content Services 
Frost Radar™: European Cloud Contact Center Market, 2023
Global Content Monetization Opportunities for Telcos in the Metaverse – Apr 23
Growth Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in the Public Cloud, 2023 – Apr 23
Energy & Power Systems:
Global Microgrids Growth Opportunities – Apr 23
Innovations in Wave, Tidal and Floating Solar Based
Renewable Energy Generation Systems – Apr 23
Innovations in Hydraulic Fracturing, Produced Water Treatment, Oil Spill Remediation & Digitization of Oil & Gas
Assets – Apr 23

EMIS: Industry, country, company reports & news globally

Dog Food in Italy – Apr 23
Consumer Food Industry Outlook India – Apr 23
Brazilian Meatpackers April 2023
India – Rice Weekly Report – April 24, 2023
United States Grains – Industry Report Q1 – Apr 2023
India Utilities and Renewable – Apr 2023
Russia Oil and Gas – Industry Report – Apr 2023
Industry Electricity Generation and Renewables – Apr 2023
South Korea Energy Industry Update – Apr 23
ITextile Manufacturing Industry in India Parts 1&2 Apr20
Global Next-Generation Printing Ink Market Research Report Forecast 2023-2029F
UAE Color Cosmetics Market Research Report Forecast 2021-2026
South America Lubricants Market Size and Share Analysis –
Growth Trends and Forecasts Up to 2026
Cement Market Research Report – Russia Industry Analysis
Industrial Gases Fuels-Industry Outlook April 2023
Sun Care in Bulgaria – Apr 23
Men’s Grooming in Bulgaria – Apr 23
Toilet Care in the US – Apr 23
Home Insecticides in the US – Apr 23

Please Note: Many more new reports are available on: Passport; Emarketer; EMIS; IBIS World & more

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