International Womens Day: The Whitehead Files Live!

by | Feb 26, 2023 | Blog, Featured

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More females than males study creatives arts subjects, but a smaller proportion of women go into creative jobs after graduation. Why is this happening and how can universities and employers promote change?
The creative arts play a significant part in the UK economy, contributing billions of pounds and creating millions of jobs.

How do we make changes in the creative industry that will encourage women to dive in feet first and make their career dreams come true? Women in this industry have to be loud. No Louder. Make themselves known to other women starting out; write articles, sit on panels and go to events where they can show that it is possible for women to be in these positions of power, own their own business and challenge the system.

Our effervescent host Carol Ann Whitehead CMgr CCMI, fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, co-founder of creative industry agency The Zebra Partnership has gathered together a sterling selection from her little black book of inspirational women for our event.

6pm – Networking and music from Emma Mould
6:30pm welcome – international guest Susan Botello film maker and founder of the International Mobile Film Festival, San Diego, California will be joining us online

Women in Creative industries in person panel:

Julie Foy – Oscar winner producer, Director and actress
Emma Mould – Singer Songwriter and Director of Gate 54 CIC
Angela Boggiano – BBC Good Food writer, TV Chef and Food author and Director of At The Kitchen Cookery School and Studio
Shirley May – Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Poet and Founder and Artistic Director of Young Identity CIC

Plus surprise guests!

We’ll be ending the evenimg with networking and more music from Emma Mould.

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