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This list covers some of the new reports published in November and December available at the BIPC Manchester.
Information correct as of 05/01/23. Additional reports may be available.

All databases listed are available at the BIPC Manchester in Central Library.
Details of other locations for some databases can be found HERE.
Details for COBRA can be found HERE.


BOP189 Barber Shop Jan 2023
BOP117 Pub Jan 2023
BOP455 Artist Dec 2022
BOP055 Florist Dec 2022
BOP030 Vehicle Recovery Dec 2022
BOP175 Nail Salon Dec 2022
BOP200 Bridal Boutique Dec 2022
BOP394 Hotel Dec 2022
BOP279 Out-of-school Club (England) Dec 2022
BOP562 Vintage Clothing Retailer Dec 2022
BOP303 Freelance Hairdresser Dec 2022
BOP058 Bookshop Dec 2022
BOP128 Nail Technician Nov 2022
BIF007 Understanding Balance Sheets Jan 2023
BIF533 Alcohol Wholesaler Reg. Scheme Dec 2022
BIF070 Guide to the Food Safety Act 1990 Dec 2022
BIF502 Food Safety Management System Dec 2022
BIF193 Food Hygiene Regulations in the UK Dec 2022
BIF013 Choosing and Using a Graphic Designer Dec
BIF465 Trade Credit Insurance Dec 2022
BIF400 Affiliate Marketing Dec 2022
BIF547 Supply Chain Management Dec 2022
BIF44 Business Information Available in Public Libraries
BIF546 Using Crowdfunding to Raise Finance Nov 22
BIF038 Choosing and Using an Accountant Nov 2022


Supermarkets – UK 2022
UK Retail Briefing 2022
Sweet Biscuits – UK 2022
Hotels – UK 2022
Video Games & Consoles – UK 2022
Ice Cream – UK 2022
Online Retailing: Marketplaces & Peer to Peer Selling – UK 2022
Cooking Sauces & Pasta Sauces – UK 2022
Lifestyles of the Over 65s – UK 2022


eCommerce in the UK – Dec 2022
Smart Home – Market Data & Forecast 2022
B2B eCommerce – In Depth Market Insights & Data Analysis – Dec 2022
Alcohol Consumption in the UK – Dec 2022
Pubs in the UK – Dec 2022
Furniture & Homeware eCommerce – Dec 2022
Target Group: Gen Z / Gen X / Vegans / Gamers / Car Enthusiasts / Podcast Listeners in UK & many more

Grantfinder: New Funds

Recently announced new funding streams. Details can be obtained from the Grantfinder database available at any of the BIPC GM locations. Updated daily

Small Business Goes Big
Through this competition, UK based small businesses can pitch their companies to retail buyers for a chance to receive support and a cash prize.

Feltmakers Award
Business support and subsidised studio space available to milliners based in the UK.
Business development support, including one-to-one coaching and workshops, and studio space is available to support a milliner in the UK.

Open Foundational Economy Innovation Fund
Open GC Business Loans
Open Greater Manchester Export Fund
Open Oldham Enterprise Programme
Open Stockport Business Finance Scheme Business Loans

IBIS World:

over 400 industries covered, recently updated reports include

Juice Production in the UK Nov/Dec 2022
Bread & Bakery Goods Production in UK Nov/Dec 2022
Other Motor Vehicle Sales UK Nov/Dec 2022
Furniture, Carpet & Lighting Wholesaling UK Nov 2022
Furniture, Lighting & Homeware Retailers UK Dec 2022
Immersive Technology in UK Nov/Dec 2022 & more

Frost & Sullivan:

Energy & Power Systems:
Growth Opportunity Outlook in the Waste Recycling and Circular Economy Industry Dec 2022
Advancements in Floating Solar Technologies Dec 2022
Technologies Transforming HVAC Systems and their Global Growth Opportunities Dec 2022
Innovations in Concentrated Solar Power, Lithium-ion Batteries, Saltwater Electrolysis, Perovskite Solar Cells &
Hydrogen Storage Dec 2022

Global Remote Pregnancy Monitoring Solutions Growth Opportunities Dec 2022
Global Respiratory Monitoring Solutions Witness Tech & Business Model Evolution Dec 2022
Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition:
Global Emulsion Polymer Growth Opportunities Dec 2022
Digital Transformation in Global Chemicals Industry Dec 22
Global Plastic Recycling & Additive Technology Growth Opportunities Dec 2022
Western European Workwear & Uniforms Market Growth Opportunities Dec 2022
3D Printing Materials Growth Opportunities Dec 2022

Global Customer Relationship Management Growth Opportunities Dec 2022
Frost Radar™: Asia-Pacific Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Dec 2022
Industrial Metaverse Growth Opportunities Dec 2022
North American Managed SD WAN Growth Opportunities,
Dec 2022
Smart Home Market Growth Opportunities, Dec 2022

Automotive & Transportation:
Frost Radar™: Transportation Management Systems in North America and Europe, Dec 2022
Strategic Overview of Start-ups Disrupting the Global Commercial Trucking Market, 2022

Supercomputers: Enabling Applications of the Future Dec 2022
Connected Packaging Technology Growth Opportunities Dec 2022

Voice of Customer:
The State of the Cloud: The Importance of Hybrid and Multicloud Environments for Business Success Dec 2022
Evaluating Perceptions and the Use of Immersive Technologies and the Metaverse Dec 2022

& many more

EMIS: Industry, country, company reports & news globally

2023 Global:
Athleisure Clothing – Innovative Markets Forecast plus 400 more 2023 market forecasts
EMIS Insights – Indonesia Oil and Gas Sector Report 2022-2023
South Korea – Food and Beverage Industry Update
Global Office Occupier Market Dashboard – Q2 2022
EMIS Insights – China Beverage Sector Report 2022 4th Quarter
Thailand – Petrochemical Sector Update
Ukraine: Systematic Risk Survey Systemic Risk Survey, Nov 2022
Global Hass Avocado Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 – 2027)
Clothing Stores in China 2022
Global Hot Tub Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 – 2027)
Precision Pest Management Market
Social Network Game Development Industry – Industry Report
Cybersecurity Industry – Industry Report
Monthly Reports – Selected Sources used by EMIS
Who Owns Whom Industry Reports
Mordor Intelligence Regional Industry Reports
Mordor Intelligence Country Industry Reports
CART Industry Reports
Grand View Research Global Industry Reports
FITCH Solutions Industry Reports
MarketLine Country and Regional Industry Reports
Tendencias Consultoria Industry Reports English
Netscribes Industry Reports
Egypt Oil & Gas – Oil and Gas Industry Update
RHB – Industry Research (when published)
Insight Partners – Industry Country Reports
Seker Securities – Sector Reports (Turkey)
Namibia – Motor Vehicle Sales
Euromonitor – Market Insights
Euromonitor – Sector Capsules
& many more

Passport Euromonitor:

Market intelligence on countries, consumers, industries
Latest market data updates:
Apparel & Footwear Dec 2022
Cannabis Nov 2022
Consumer Appliances Nov 2022
Hot Drinks Nov 2022
Soft Drinks Nov 2022

Please Note: Many more new reports are available on: Passport; Emarketer; EMIS; IBIS World & more

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