Latest Research Reports September 2022

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This list covers some of the new reports published in September and available at the BIPC Manchester.
Information correct as of 30/9/22. Additional reports may be available.

All databases listed are available at the BIPC Manchester in Central Library.
Details of other locations for some databases can be found HERE.
Details for COBRA can be found HERE.


Covid 19 and Travel: Emerging from the Pandemic
Digital Trends – Autumn – UK 2022
Food & Non Food Discounters – UK 2022
Health & Fitness Clubs – UK 2022
The Over-55 Traveller – UK 2022
Vitamins & Supplements – UK 2022
British Lifestyles – UK 2022
September UK Retail Briefing – 2022
Package v Independent Holidays – UK 2022
Dark Spirits & Liquers – UK 2022


Influencer Marketing in the UK – Sep 2022
Footwear in the UK – Sep 2022
Pet Ownership in the UK – Sep 2022
Retail Trade in the UK – Sep 2022
E-cigarettes and Vaping in the UK – Sep 2022
Restaurant Delivery & Takeaway Market UK Sep 2022
Music Industry in UK Sep 2022
Social Media: Tik Tok users in UK Sep 2022
Social Media: Twitter users in UK Sep 2022
Social Media: LinkedIn users in UK Sep 2022 and many other channels
Dossier: Public Opinion on Climate Change
Health Market Outlook: OTC Pharmaceuticals
Tech Market Outlook: Cybersecurity Market
Coffee Market in the UK Aug 2022
Plastic Waste in the UK Aug 2022

Grantfinder: New Funds

17/10/22 Home Decarbonisation Skills Training Competition.
Training providers in England can apply for funding to offer training for people working in the energy efficiency, retrofit and low carbon heating sectors. 
19/10/2022 Healthy Ageing Scaling Social Ventures SRBI Competition
UK social enterprise organisations can apply for a share of up to £3 million to scale products and services to support healthy ageing.

29/09/2022 Clean Maritime Demonstration (CMDC) Competitions Round 3
29/09/2022 Art Fund – Sir Nicholas Goodison Award
29/09/2022 Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) Phase 2
28/09/2022 Cumbria Community Foundation – Geoffrey Blake Architectural Heritage Fund
28/09/2022 Masonic Charitable Foundation – Bursaries for Hospice Staff
27/09/2022 Cumbria Community Foundation – Storm Arwen Community Resilience Fund
27/09/2022 Clarion Futures Community Youth Grants
27/09/2022 Backing Business Fund
26/09/2022 Techstars and Audi Accelerator Programme
26/09/2022 One Oldham Fund – Cost of Living Crisis Support Grants

Frost & Sullivan:

Energy & Industrials:
Growth Opportunities for Digital Twins in Manufacturing
Microservices Architecture Transforming Global Manufacturing
Canada and US Water and Wastewater Outlook, 2022
Top 50 Start-ups Advancing Decarbonization and Digitalization in the Global Homes & Buildings Industry
Global Smart Electricity Metering Growth Opportunities
Global Medium- and High-voltage Power Cable Growth Opportunities
Global Emerging NDT Techniques Growth Opportunities

Automotive, Transportation & Logistics:
Frost Radar™: Latin American Used Car Sales, 2022
Frost Radar™: North American Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Market, 2022
Global Medium- and Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Outlook, 2022
Global OEMs’ Strategies for Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Platforms
European Electric Truck Charging Infrastructure—Revenue Opportunities
Strategic Profile of Volvo Cars
Indian Passenger Vehicle Outlook, 2022
Digital Transformation Impact on Global Automotive
Italian Two-Wheeler Growth Opportunities
Future of Mobility: Transformation from Mobility-as-a-Service to Lifestyle-as-a-Service
Strategic Profile of Tembici
Strategic Analysis of the Global Electric Two- and Three- Wheeler Battery Swapping Market
Frost Radar™: Smart Motorcycle Helmets, 2022
Global Wireless EV Charging Growth Opportunities

Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition:
Global Medical Adhesives & Sealants Growth Opportunities
Global Construction Plastics Growth Opportunities
North American Industrial Hand Protection Growth Opportunities
North American Fall Protection Growth Opportunities
North America Aquaculture Market Growth Opportunities
Europe Aquaculture Market Growth Opportunities
Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Market Growth Opportunities
Latin America Aquaculture Market Growth Opportunities
The Middle East and Africa Aquaculture Market Growth Opportunities
Global Aquaculture Market Growth Opportunities

Frost Radar™: Healthcare Data Analytics, 2022
Digital Front Door and Patient Experience Solutions
Frost Radar™: Global Clinical Trial IT Solutions Market, 2022
Global Bioanalytical Testing Services, 2021–2027
Global Antibody Therapeutics Growth Opportunities
Global Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Growth Opportunities
Global Hospital Operational Efficiency Solutions
Frost Radar™: US Liquid Biopsy, 2022

Colombia Business Outlook
US SD-WAN Enterprise Survey: Adoption Trends by Business Size
APAC Video Conferencing Devices Market, Forecast to 2026
North American Mobile Tracker, Q2 2022
Apple Performance Tracker, Q2, 2022
Artificial Intelligence Powers Highly Competitive Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) Market in North America
5G Monetization and Adoption Strategies in Asia-Pacific
Regional Multi Access Edge Computing Case Studies in Main Verticals
Conversational AI Landscape Expands Beyond Customer Experience
Growth Opportunities for Global Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) Services
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture: Global Growth Opportunities

Technology Advancements in CMOS Image Sensors
Growth Opportunities for Global Antimicrobial Technologies Enabled by COVID-19
AR Cloud: The Next Frontier in Augmented Reality
Therapeutic Advances in Amyloidosis
Advancements in miRNA: Technology Assessment
Global Sustainable Innovation in Water Generation and Purification Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunities for Breakthrough Innovations in High-temperature Electrolysis Technology
Home Healthcare Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities

Trend Opportunity Profiles: Health, Wellness, and Well-Being Series
Growth Opportunities Driven by New Form Factors
Growth Opportunities Driven by Shift to Manufacturing-to-Zero Emissions
Frost Radar™ for Economic Development: The United States, 2022

Please Note: Many more new reports are available on: Passport; Emarketer; EMIS; IBIS World & more

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