BIPC GM Releases the POWER of THE PODCAST on International Podcast Day

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BIPC GM Releases the POWER of THE PODCAST on International Podcast Day

BIPC GM welcomes new Podcaster In Residence Vic Elizabeth Turnbull.
The Centre launched its Podcasting Studio in Manchester’s Central Library in 2021.
The Studio is used by many local businesses and organisations.
Demand is high and Vic and the team at BIPC are keen to share the potential with more businesses exploring new ways of sharing their services and stories.


Manchester’s BIPC has ambitions to amplify the voices of NW businesses and entrepreneurs in new and interesting ways many may never have thought to be within their grasp.
Often we are so focused on simply getting to the end of each working day successfully that ironically we close ourselves off to the very possibilities that could actually make our day easier.  Often this boils down to.a lack of time to talk more about what we offer and what we can do for our customer base.  The very things they need to know!
The BIPC is all about unlocking solutions and making these tangible and realistic through attaching personalities and expertise to skills.  On International Podcast Day – by way of celebration – the Centre which is based in Manchester Central Library- is welcoming its new Podcaster in Residence in the shape of Vic Elizabeth Turnbull the founder of podcast production and training social enterprise MIC Media.  
Vic and the BIPC’s shared aim is to get more people picking up a microphone and talking about what they do, how they do it and what they can achieve. Vic will be helping attendees to explore the power of the Podcast which of course has become one of the most widely recognised and popular ways to broadcast all manner of ideas and stories to interested audiences..
As Podcaster in Residence Vic will offer workshops on all aspects of podcasting, including:
  • How to start a podcast

  • Interviewing techniques

  • Recording and editing

She will be helping small businesses to think about how to use the format to get noticed in this competitive field and to stand out from the crowd.  

Vic says: “I am thrilled to be working with the Business & IP Centre as their new expert in residence. MIC media is all about giving everyone the opportunity to amplify their voice and share stories through top-quality audio. Podcasts can help you to deliver your business’ key messages, values and expertise authentically. This human-centred approach can help your brand stand out from the competition. And never has this been more important to cut through the noise in our busy, digital age!  I am excited to be able to help more people unlock the power of podcasts and couldn’t be happier than to be doing just that here at the Centre.

Councillor John Hacking, Executive Member for Skills, Employment and Leisure for Manchester City Council, said:

“Manchester Central Library’s BIPC is an exceptional space where local businesses old and new can seek advice and support that will help them grow.

Vic Turnbull will be a fantastic addition to our Experts-in-Residence and we’re excited to see the podcasting workshops she runs.”

BIPC GM has at its fingertips all manner of resources and will be driving forward in the coming months to make sure that more people can enjoy and benefit from the spectrum of opportunities provided they might not even know exist.
We are living in times when it will be increasingly important to find new ways of doing business. Crucially we will then require to tell the world precisely what we do and how we do it.  Podcasting is one such route and Vic will demonstrate just how the seemingly impossible can become extremely possible.

Vic Elizabeth Turnbull
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