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by | Sep 25, 2022 | Blog, Featured

Build A Business in GM Libraries can help you take your ideas further. It’s aimed at small businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone thinking of starting their own business.

It’s running in libraries across 8 Greater Manchester authorities, and offers tailored help to support new businesses.

From Artisan Baker to Zumba Instructor, Build A Business can help!

Rachel Craig and Karen Macwee are directors of Ruche Marketing LLP, and recently joined the programme:

“After deciding to set up a creative content agency in Manchester, specialising in legal marketing, which is our area of expertise, we were unsure of where to start with the business set up, as there are so many elements to consider. We found the Build A Business course online and had no idea whether it would be of benefit to us, but it most definitely was.“

“The first part of the course, ‘Know Your Market – Get Competitive’ was extremely useful. It provided information on the range of research tools and databases provided by the library and guidance on how to access them. The databases would cost a significant sum if you had to purchase them yourself yet can provide invaluable insight into your target market.”

Intellectual Property matters!

“The second part of the course, ‘Intellectual Property – Protect Your Assets’ surprised us. As a service-based business, we didn’t think we had much intellectual property to protect. We most definitely were wrong! During the session we discovered we had a number of assets and intellectual property to protect, things that we’d never even thought of. As well as giving us insight into our intellectual property, it also provided us with guidance on how to go about protecting them.”

“The final part of the course was ‘Power Up Your Business’. This provided us with much needed advice on how to legally set up our business and the appropriate business structure for us. It also gave those attending the course advice on marketing. Although we didn’t need this coaching, we were able to help out and participate, providing marketing advice to various people in the session.

What was really helpful about attending all three of these courses was meeting other entrepreneurs in a similar position as us. We were all able to share stories and insight into what we’d learned so far.  Overall, the course was extremely valuable, and we would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of starting their own business.”

There are courses running throughout the autumn in different libraries across Greater Manchester.

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Build A Business is just one part of the services for small businesses offered by the Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) in Manchester Central Library. There are information resources including market research (valued at over £5m) to one to one help and networking events. All of this support can help your business to succeed and grow. There’s also a 3D printer, multimedia software and even a Podcasting Studio.

Build A Business in GM Libraries is part ERDF funded.


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