Latest Research Reports: August 2022

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This list covers some of the new reports published in August and available at the BIPC Manchester.
Information correct as of 31/8/22. Additional reports may be available.

All databases listed are available at the BIPC Manchester in Central Library.
Details of other locations for some databases can be found HERE.
Details for COBRA can be found HERE.


Digital Subscriptions UK 2022
Attitudes Towards Low & No Alcohol Drinks UK 2022
Fashion & Sustainability UK 2022
Children & Technology UK 2022
2022 Sustainability Barometer Executive Summary
Hand Body & Footcare UK 2022
Leisure Centres & Swimming Pools UK 2022
July UK Retail Briefing 2022
Consumer Snacking UK 2022


ossierPlus: Beauty Tech
DossierPlus: Economic Development
During Crises
In Depth: Luxury Goods report
In Depth: Industry 4.0 report
DossierPlus: Mobile Payments 1 – The Many Faces Of Global Payments
Health Market Outlook: OTC Pharmaceuticals
Tech Market Outlook: Cybersecurity Market
Coffee Market in the UK Aug 2022
Plastic Waste in the UK Aug 2022
Digital Advertising Formats in the UK Aug 2022
The UK Consumer Aug 2022
Ecommerce in the UK Aug 2022
Apparel Market in the UK Aug 2022
2nd Hand Retail Trade in the UK Aug 2022

Grantfinder: New Funds

3/08/2022 Church Urban Fund – Refugee Support Small Grants
23/08/2022 Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargepoint Grant for Landlords
23/08/2022 Cheshire East Crowd Fund
23/08/2022 National Survivor User Network (NSUN) – Sustaining Spaces Fund
23/08/2022 Improving Observation Capabilities of Biodiversity in UK Waters Competition
23/08/2022 EV Infrastructure Grant for Staff and Fleets
22/08/2022 Farming Innovation Programme – Feasibility Projects Competition Round 2
22/08/2022 Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Grant for Residential Car Parks
19/08/2022 Cultural Bridge Fund

Frost & Sullivan:


Energy & Industrials:

Indian Electricity Growth Opportunities
Global Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps Growth Opportunities
Frost Radar™: European Facility Management, 2022
China Facility Management Growth Opportunities
Frost Radar™: Elevators and Escalators, 2022
Global Transformer Growth Opportunities
Global Hydrogen Regulatory Frameworks and Growth Opportunities
Global Digital Grid Guidebook
Global Big Data Analytics Software for Test and Measurement Growth Opportunities

Automotive, Transportation & Logistics:

Frost Radar™: Latin American Automotive eCommerce, 2022
Growth Opportunities from Benchmarking Global Passenger Vehicle OEMs’ Customer Service Channels
Growth Opportunities in North American Off-highway Equipment
Global Connected Light Commercial Vehicles Outlook, 2022
Frost Radar™: Global Freight Visibility Platforms, 2022
Frost Radar™: US Light and Medium Duty Trucking Autonomous Technology Market, 2022
Global Freight Visibility Growth Opportunities
European Electric Truck Charging Infrastructure Growth Opportunities
Strategic Overview of the Start-ups Disrupting Shared Mobility, Global, 2022
Global Self-healing Materials (SHMs) in Automotive Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunities for Global Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) in Mobility
Frost Radar™: Demand-responsive Transport, 2022
Latin American Connected, Shared, and Electric Mobility Start-Up Profiles and Growth Opportunities
Global Growth Opportunities for Advanced Lithium Batteries for EVs and the Adoption of Future Battery Chemistries
US Healthcare Supply Chain Growth Opportunities

Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition:

Global Industrial Coatings Growth Opportunities
Frost Radar™: Global Composites Market, 2022
Global Aerospace Composites Growth Opportunities
French PPE Growth Opportunities
Global Bone and Joint Health Ingredients Growth Opportunities


Global Mammography Vendor Profiles and Growth Opportunities
Global Pharmaceutical Tracker, 2022
Global Ultrasound Growth Opportunities
Women’s Health Solution Growth Opportunities
Global Cardiac Monitoring Devices Growth Opportunities
Global Neonatal Care Devices Growth Opportunities
In Vitro Diagnostic eCommerce Business Models Growth Opportunities
United States Molecular Point-of-Care Testing Growth Opportunities


Analysis of the North American UCaaS Market, Forecast to 2028
Growth Opportunities in the Global Tabletop Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market—Forecast to 2026
Growth Opportunities in the Global Professional Headset Market—Forecast to 2028
North American Consumer Communication Services Tracker—First Quarter 2022
Global Private 5G Network Growth Opportunities
Asia-Pacific Fixed Broadband Growth Opportunities
Asia-Pacific Mobile Financial Services Growth Opportunities
Global Multi-Access Edge Computing Growth Opportunities
Global Internet of Things and Big Data Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunities for Telcos in IoT
Global Artificial Intelligence Growth Opportunities
Digital Employee Experience Management Platform Growth Opportunities
North American Data Center Colocation Services Growth Opportunities
Indian Data Center Colocation Services Growth Opportunities
Frost Radar™: Infrastructure and Platform as a Service—Latin America, 2022
Digital Trends in Education–2022 Investment Plans Address Talent Shortage and Remote Learning
Global Cloud Contact Center Solutions Growth Opportunities


Global Materials Technologies for Thermal Management in 5G Devices Growth Opportunities
Predictive Genetic Testing: Technology Landscape
Growth Opportunities for Digital Biomarkers in Drug Development


Global Halal Economy Growth Opportunities
Kenya Macroeconomic Outlook, 2027
Frost Radar™: Global Economic Development, 2022