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You can find below a list of the most recently published Frost & Sullivan reports from February 2022, broken down by industry sector. This detailed research covers many industries. This database is available at Altrincham Library, Blackpool Central Library, Bury Central Library, Bolton Central Library, Eccles Library, Manchester Central Library, Lancaster Library, Oldham Library, Stockport Central Library, Tameside Library at Ashton.

Automotive & Transportation:MG6A-43  Norway Light Vehicle Leasing Growth OpportunitiesMG25-44  Indian Electric Two-wheeler Growth OpportunitiesPC16-44  Global 2-Wheeler Aftermarket Growth OpportunitiesPC74-44  Global Autonomous Shared Mobility Growth OpportunitiesPC8B-44 India Electric Three-Wheeler (E3W) Growth OpportunitiesPCA5-44  Global Two-wheeler Lubricants Growth OpportunitiesPCAB-44 Indian Commercial Electric 3-Wheeler Growth OpportunitiesPCAF-44 Southeast Asian On-demand Food Delivery Growth OpportunitiesK6C3-45 Latin American Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Growth Opportunities

Energy & Industrials:K662-10 Global Pressure, Flow, Level, and Temperature Sensors and Transmitters Tracker, 2022K71A-10 Global Additive Manufacturing Growth OpportunitiesK6F1-10 Global Oil Condition Monitoring MarketMG63-15  Global Digital Water Solutions and Services Growth OpportunitiesPB7D-15  Indian Water and Wastewater Treatment Growth Opportunities
K6D0-17 Global Motor Services Growth Opportunities
MG6D-27 Global Solar Photovoltaic Growth Opportunities
PCAC-27 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Outlook, 2022
MG1E-27 Global Solar PV Services Growth Opportunities
K6B4-30 Global Portable CMM Growth Opportunities
K6D4-30 Global Wireless Network Test Equipment Growth Opportunities

Aerospace, Defence & Security:K67D-22 US DoD Helicopters Growth OpportunitiesK6F5-22  United States DoD Artificial Intelligence Growth OpportunitiesMG60-22  Global Naval EO/IR Competitive Landscape and Growth OpportunitiesK6C7-23 Frost Radar™: Surveillance Analytics, 2021PBFF-23  Global Digital Smart Borders Growth OpportunitiesPCDC-56 Global Commercial Regional Aviation Growth OpportunitiesK6D3-59 Global Agriculture UAS Application Growth OpportunitiesK71C-59 Growth Opportunities for Global Commercial Drone Last-mile DeliveriesMG5C-59 US DoD Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Growth OpportunitiesK6A2-59 Global Advanced Air Mobility Growth OpportunitiesK6E6-65 Strategic Partnerships and Expanding Set of Mission-Critical Communications Capabilities Power North American Mobile Situational Awareness MarketK70D-66  Frost Radar™: Downstream Global Navigation Satellite System Services, 2021K643-66 Global Military Satellite-based ISR Growth OpportunitiesK68E-66  Frost Radar™: Downstream Geospatial Services, 2021K72B-66 Global Space Industry Ecosystem Growth OpportunitiesMF95-66Disruptive Technologies Powering the Global Satellite-enabled IoT Services Market, 2021Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition:PC93-85 Global Electrical and Electronics Adhesives and Sealants Growth OpportunitiesPBF4-85 Global Structural Adhesives Growth OpportunitiesPC32-85 Global Silicones Growth OpportunitiesPC33-85 Global Interior Decorative Paints Growth OpportunitiesPC53-86  MEASA Plastics Growth OpportunitiesPC72-86 Global Polymerization Additives Growth OpportunitiesK6C6-87 Growth Opportunities for Personal Protective Equipment in Global Electric VehiclesK704-87 Brazilian Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Growth OpportunitiesK6C0-87 North American Gas Detection Equipment Growth OpportunitiesPC6C-88 Global Personal Care Functional Ingredients Growth Opportunities

Healthcare:K6A3-48  US Population Health Management Growth OpportunitiesK6FA-48 Growth Opportunities for Platform Approaches in Healthcare, GlobalK6DD-48 Frost Radar™: Global Enterprise Health Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, 2021K67B-50 Growth Opportunities in the Global Enterprise Medical Imaging Workflow Orchestration Solutions Market, 2022PC50-50  Growth Opportunities for Global Computer-aided Diagnosis (CAD) in Breast Cancer ScreeningPCB7-50 Global Procedure Volumes and Reimbursement for MRI Equipment Growth OpportunitiesPCA2-50 Global Molecular Imaging (MI) Equipment Growth OpportunitiesPCB3-50 Global Molecular Imaging Procedures Growth OpportunitiesPCA1-52  Global Biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization Profiles and Growth OpportunitiesPCD3-54 Global 5G Surgical Application Growth OpportunitiesK6DA-54  United States Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in Outpatient Care Facilities Growth OpportunitiesK6DB-54 Global Neurovascular Disease Management Growth OpportunitiesK695-55 United States Liquid Biopsy Growth OpportunitiesPC06-55 United States Clinical Laboratory Services Growth Opportunities

ICT:K734-67 The Current State of the Internet of Things: Poised for Growth and Expansion in 2022–2023, Organizations are Concerned with FunctionalityPCB9-69 Global State of AI, 2021PCC9-69 Global Public Cloud Services GrowthK655-69  Global Text Artificial Intelligence Growth OpportunitiesK6CB-72 Datacenter Decarbonization Growth OpportunitiesPC5C-74 Global Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) Growth Opportunities9A61 (45)  APAC Network Security Tracker, Q3 2021MG43-74   Security Priorities in the COVID Era—An IT Decision Maker’s Perspective, 2020–2021
9A5C (66)  Contact Center As a Service (CCaaS) Solutions Respond to Remote Workforce Requirements in Europe

Mega Trends:

K6E4-36 Trend Opportunity Profile: Human-robot CollaborationK71D-36  Global Home as a Hub Growth OpportunitiesMG67-36 Trend Opportunity Profiles—Reverse Logistics in a Circular EconomyK688-36  Trend Opportunity Profile: Curbside Management
K71E-36 Nine Mega Trends Leading the Sheconomy
9AE5/3A   Oil Price Sensitivity Analysis and Macroeconomic Opportunities

TechVision:DA44    TV  Smart Electronics and Spectral Imaging to Transform End-to-end Food Traceability and Safety

DA45     TV   Global Conformal Coatings Technology Growth Opportunities