The Dr Mo Show: how the BIPC helped me

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Bright Inspiring People

Dr. Abdul H S Mohammed is a healthcare professional who uses chiropractic and functional medicine in Greater Manchester. Having worked in Stockport since 2014, Dr. Mo has worked with a variety of people, from treating Team GB athletes, members of the Saudi Royal family to TV personalities. He has also been awarded the Top Three Best Rated chiropractors in Manchester every year since 2017 and is the most reviewed chiropractor in Manchester!

Most recently, Dr. Mo has started his very own informative YouTube channel called The Dr. Mo Show where he explains and demonstrates tips and exercises as a way to continue to share his knowledge and help people during the lockdown!

“I was interested in starting my business as a chiropractor and I was looking for local educational events for start-ups and small businesses and came across the Business & IP Centre at the Manchester Central library.

Amongst many events that I attended at the library, I found the Video Making workshop, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) workshop and various other events on enhancing your digital presence events most helpful in my growth”.

“I wanted to create my website so that I could add or edit things anytime I liked. However, I didn’t know where to start with SEO.  Going to these events at the library gave me the confidence to do this. I not only built my website and made it appear quite high on Google without spending any advertising money but also managed to become the highest-reviewed chiropractor in Manchester and the North West region”.

Dr Mo is very motivated about creating a positive change via chiropractic practice and lifestyle, with a range of voluntary chiropractic work in India over the past six summers providing invaluable experience of a vast array of disorders. Educating people about health is one of Dr. Mo’s greatest passions, his mission is to deliver ‘best in the world’ healthcare and education to give people a chance to liberate their greatest health potential.

“During the lockdown, every single day I had patients calling me for emergency appointments and it was heart-breaking not being able to help them, so I decided to make and share some videos to YouTube of simple exercises and stretches. I was so happy and grateful to realise I was able to help thousands of people in just a few weeks. One of the videos about neck pain was widely shared on Facebook and people kept tagging their friends in it”.

Dr Mo hopes to continue with the Dr Mo Show on YouTube and plans to find a quick and efficient way to continue making these videos when he returns to work!

Read more about Dr Mo here.

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