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Refine your podcast idea and plan for success!

There are over 4 million podcasts out there and they all started with one thing, an idea.

Your trainer is podcast expert Vic Elizabeth Turnbull, founder of MIC Media, a podcast production and training company. One of the most common reasons she hears about why people who want a podcast, haven’t started their podcast yet is because…

  • they have too many ideas. This becomes a stumbling block because they find it difficult to refine them and get cracking!
  • they have a idea, but are unsure if it’s a go-er or not!
  • they’re unsure how to convert an idea into action
  • they have a faint idea of what it ‘could’ be about, but not a concrete one

In this special International Podcast Day workshop, we want to help you to get over all of these hurdles that’s getting in the way of you podcasting!

In this session you’ll:

  • explore what makes a great podcast
  • discuss your podcast ideas in groups
  • get feedback from each other and our trainer Vic
  • look at your podcast audience and structure
  • brainstorm episode ideas
  • think about your release schedule
  • what you need to launch your podcast
  • start a plan for creating and launching podcast

You’ll leave with a refined podcast idea and the beginnings of plan for you to start making and launching your podcast!

Please note: This is a planning and ideas session. This session does not cover the ‘how to’ podcast (i.e kit, editing, hosting etc). This is the starting point. There will be future BIPC sessions covering the HOW later in the year.


Sep 30 2022


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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