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This list covers some of the new reports published in March at the BIPC Manchester.
Information correct as of 05/04/23. Additional reports may be available.

All databases listed are available at the BIPC Manchester in Central Library.
Details of other locations for some databases can be found HERE.
Details for COBRA can be found HERE.


BOP444 Wedding Planner Mar 2023
BOP076 Domestic Cleaner Mar 2023
BOP154 Interior Designer Mar 2023
BOP308 Dog Walker Mar 2023
BOP048 Boarding Kennel/Cattery Mar 2023
BOP131 Horse Riding School Mar 2023
BOP567 Renewable Energy Technician Mar 2023
BOP173 Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner Mar 2023
BOP204 Independent Record Label Mar 2023
BIF150 Selling or Closing Your Business Mar 2023
BIF523 National Insurance Guide for Employers Mar 2023
BIF363 Setting up in Business as a Sole Trader Mar 2023
BIF432 Hiring a Freelancer Mar 2023
BIF132 Monitoring Your Competitors Mar 2023
BIF045 VAT Returns and Payments Mar 2023
BIF234 An Introduction to VAT (Value Added Tax) Mar 2023
BIF264 Income Tax Self-assessment for the Self Employed Mar 2023
BIF091 Statutory Maternity Leave and Pay Mar 2023
BIF328 National Minimum Wage Mar 2023
BIF512 Statutory Paternity Leave and Pay Mar 2023
BIF511 Statutory Adoption Leave and Pay Mar 2023
BIF015 An Introduction to Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT


Bingo – UK 2023
Lifestyles of Generation Z – UK 2023
Professional Beauty and Grooming Treatments – UK
Attitudes Towards Home Delivery & Takeaway – UK 2023
Attitudes Towards Food Packaging – UK 2023
Consumer Attitudes Towards Staycations v Holidays Abroad – UK 2023
Menswear – UK 2023
Optical Goods Retailing – UK 2023


Savings in the UK Mar 2023
Digital Payment Trends UK Mar 2023
Electricity Consumption UK Mar 2023
Electricity generation UK Mar 2023
Cancer Care in the UK Mar 2023
Beef in the UK Mar 2023
Hotels in the UK Mar 2023
Marriage and Weddings in the UK Mar 2023
Food Industry in the UK Mar 2023
eSports in the UK Mar 2023
Steel Production in the UK Mar 2023
Poultry in the UK Mar 2023
Inflation in the UK Mar 2023
& many more market, consumer and brand, digital trends, company & product reports from 100s of countries globally

Grantfinder: New Funds

Recently announced new funding streams. Details can be obtained from the Grantfinder database available at any of the BIPC GM locations. Updated daily

Bolton’s Fund
Grants are available to VCSE organisations in Bolton for projects that benefit local communities and address current issues facing residents.

New Founder Incubator Grants Programme

Grants are available to UK based entrepreneurs, from underrepresented groups, to help them start-up and
grow a business.

29/03/23 Three Business Connectivity Grants
28/03/23 Mobility Pathfinder Innovation Programme
27/03/23 Tranzfuser
27/03/23 Actors Benevolent Fund – Cost of Living Grant
27/03/2023 Skin Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence SBRI Competition
24/03/23 Help Musicians – Touring and Live Support
24/03/2023 Unlocking Brighter Futures – Cheshire Community Foundation

IBIS World:

over 400 industries covered, recently updated reports include

Meat Product Manufacturing in the UK
Chocolate & Confectionery Production in the UK
Carpentry & Joinery Product Manufacturing in the UK
Pesticide & Other Agrochemical Manufacturing in the UK
Plastic Packing Goods Manufacturing in the UK
Flat Glass Manufacturing in the UK
Light Metal Casting in the UK
Bakery Product Retailing in the UK
Television Programming & Broadcasting in the UK
Employment Placement Agencies in the UK
Industrial Cleaning Activities in the UK
Funeral Activities in the UK
Pizza Delivery & Takeaway in the UK
Online Stock Brokerages in the UK
Promotional Product Distribution in the UK
HR & Payroll Software Publishing in the UK

Frost & Sullivan:

Chemicals Materials & Nutrition
Global Powder Coatings Growth Opportunities – Mar 23
Growth Opportunities for Coatings & Thin Films in Building & Construction, Smart Textiles & PV Cells – Mar 23
Automotive & Transportation
Strategic Insight into the Dutch Two Wheeler Market Mar 23
Strategic Analysis of WBG Semiconductors in Power Electronics Applications for EVs, Forecast to 2030 – Mar 23
Global Multiparameter Patient Monitoring Device Market,
Forecast to 2027
Global Gut Microbiome Growth Opportunities – Mar 23
Conversational AI in Healthcare – Mar 23
Global Customer Experience (CX) Outsourcing Growth
Opportunities – Mar 23
North American Mobile Tracker, Q4 2022 – Mar 23
Navigating Digital Transformation in Contact Centers—A Customer Perspective, Global, 2023 to 2024 – Mar 23
Conversational AI is Now the Heart of Customer Experience – Mar 23
Energy & Power Systems:
Asia-Pacific (APAC) Power and Energy Market Outlook 2023 – Mar 23
Growth Opportunities for Carbon Capture Application in the Blue Hydrogen Industry – Mar 23
Frost Radar™: Electrolyzers, 2023 – Mar 23
Innovations in Produced Water Treatment, Oil Spill
Remediation & Digitization of Oil & Gas Assets – Mar 23

EMIS: Industry, country, company reports & news globally

United Kingdom Passenger Vehicles Lubricants Market –
South Africa – Courier, Express and Parcel Services (Other
than national postal services)
Kenya – The Tourism Industry in Kenya – March 2023
Malaysia Industry Research – Technology: Awaiting Signs Of
Bottoming Out
South Africa – The Accommodation Industry in South Africa –
March 2023
Brazil Industry Report – Civil Construction March 2023
EMIS Insights – India Metal Processing Sector Report 2023-2024
EMIS Insights – Will EU Norms Redefine Fashion in India
Brazil Industry Report – Transport and Logistics January /2023
Organic Food Market in India 2023 parts I & II
Medical Tourism Market in India 2023
EMIS Insights – China Insurance Sector Report 2022 4th Quarter
EMIS Insights – China Banking Sector Report 2022 4th Quarter
EMIS Insights – Thailand Renewable Energy Sector Report 2023-2024
EMIS Insights – Latin America Metal Processing Sector Report 2023-2024
Malaysia Industry Research – Plantation: Diverse Views At POC 2023
Malaysia Industry Research – Banks: Growth With Valuation And Yield Support
Turkiye Telecommunications Report 2023
Vietnam Autos Report 2023
Taiwan China Medical Devices Report 2023
United States Petrochemicals Report 2023
South Africa Telecommunications Report 2023
Uzbekistan Pharmaceuticals Report 2023
Malaysia Industry Research – Basic Material: Picking Up
Gradually; Stay OVERWEIGHT
Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals Report 2023
& many more

Please Note: Many more new reports are available on: Passport; Emarketer; EMIS; IBIS World & more

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